Our Story

We are a Swazi company based in Manzini with a sub office office in Mbabane.  The company started in 2007 offering accounting services only and today it offers a wide range of services from company registration, to licensing, accounting and bookkeeping, business planning, corporate secretarial to company de-registration. We value our clients as they are the reason for our very existence



Our History


Our journey began in November 2007 where the company started as a sole proprietorship owned and run by Obert Manyanye who became the president of the company when it was incorporated as a private company in October 2010.

The company gave birth to many other companies which are in different industries and we have clients from many countries and we work different companies

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Our Mission


To create, enhance & develop stakeholder value

Our Mission

To be the preferred provider of business consulting, management, accounting,
training and corporate services that meet and exceed customer expectations,
offering superior customer service and value for money in Swaziland and beyond

Some Features About Us

Quality Service

Knowing our clients ensures we do not only provide you with the solution to your need but also we ensure we provide the best to meet and exceed your expectation

Integrity & Reliability

We do our work with high level of integrity. So you will be sure that nothing goes wrong in the future. If anything goes wrong, we will be there to solve the problem for you or with you

Good Customer Care

We promise to treat you with love and ensure we give you necessary advise where needed. We do not just give you the service you want, we give the peace of mind that you need

Live With  Confidence

Our motto is nothing but our promise to you. With our services, you can only do you business with confidence and live with confidence whilst we take care of your needs

Why Choose Us

We Are The Best

We understand the needs of our clients and we believe in 2-way business relationships

We Value Our Clients

With over 10 years experience and having a great team, we offer our clients value for their money.

Our Fees Are Great

We do not offer cheap quality service, we offer quality services cheap but we do nor guarantee the lowest prices. We guarantee value for money

Company Licence Renewal




We will be responsible and accountable for every need that our valued clients bring to us






We are committed to serving excellence. Our goal is to ensure we do not only do our company the best but also our customers at large





We promise to contact business with all honesty and transparency and with all our will to ensure we deliver complete service to meet client needs.






We believe all our customers are not the same, just as their needs are not the same, and we will deal with each customer bias-free, not judging them
based on feeling, perceptions, aspiration, social or economic status or any other external influences.





We are who we are and where we are because of our customer. Our very existence is because of  our customers and we will ensure in all our dealings with our customers we will be empathetic and Understanding


Our Core Values