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Company Registration

We have legal and professional experience needed to help our clients with company registration. We are among the cheapest and most reliable.

Business Plans

A business plan is a very important business tool and we understand what makes a good business plan, whatever its intended use.

Accounting Services

We provide reliable accounting & bookkeeping services no matter the size of your business, no matter where you are in the country

Company Profiles

Get a professional company profile that will give your customers the right information about your company. As a marketing tool it is, it need to be very presentable and easy to read

Management Accounts

Managements Accounts are usually required by banks when applying for loan when there has been a period after the end of your financial year. They cover a period less than a year.

Payroll Services

Managing the payroll, submitting PAYE returns and other returns and doing Annual Recons can a daunting task and time consuming. This requires experience and we promise you our best. We also do monthly payslips

AgriBusiness – AfriBusiness

Agriculture remains on one of the main economic drivers in Africa. Small holder farmers, however, are usually left out in the value chain. It is our duty to ensure we participate in the agricultural sector and help farmer in every way possible:

  • Business Setups & Marketing
  • Business Plans & Profile
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Budgeting & Planning
  • Project Management
  • Project Plan & Design
Company Secretarial

Every company has the legal obligation to comply with the statutory requirements as prescribed in Companies Act (Act 8 of 2009). We are experts in maintaining the company files with the Registrar of Companies. We help with:

  • Change of Company Name
  • Change of Directors/Owners
  • Changes in Shareholding
  • Amendment of Objectives
  • Change of Articles
  • Company De-registration
Tax Consultancy

The tax concept seems to be a nightmare to many. It is not always easy to manage personal or company tax, and we ensure we help our clients to be tax compliant and solve their tax matters and ensure our minimum tax is paid:

  • File Tax Returns
  • Ensure all taxes are paid
  • Advising on tax matters
  • Provide tax planning
  • Negotiating Tax debt payment
  • Help in any tax issues

One of Eswatini’s leading SME development partners


We are a key player in the development and promotion of businesses in Eswatini and we believe this is one of the greatest way to fight against unemployment in the country. We also offer SME incubation and support to ensure small business have the necessary skills and resources to start and open doors to the public. We offer training and coaching that help ensure your startup is a success.

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Normal Fees – E1,800

Online Offer Fees – E1,500

Our Featured Bundles

Micro/Sole Traders

Monthly Income under E50,000

E800/ month

Record Keeping

PAYE & SNPF Returns < 5 Employees

No VAT Returns

Simple Monthly Financials

Medium Companies

Monthly Income up to E100,000

E1,200/ month

Record Keeping

PAYE + SNPF Returns < 15 Employees

Quarterly VAT Returns

Monthly Financial

Large Companies

Monthly Income over E100,000

E1,500/ month

Accounting & Bookkeeping

PAYE & SNPF Returns < 50 Employees

Quarterly VAT Returns

Comprehensive Financials